Hi!  My name is Veronica and I love to bake, especially cupcakes.  Cupcakes are easy to serve and eat, they’re attractive, and they’re automatically portioned out so you don’t have to worry you won’t have enough cake for your guests if you don’t cut the slices just so.  But the reason I like to bake them?  They bake so much faster than cake layers!  I love cake, so if there’s a way I can get it faster, that’s my favorite cake.

I have won many blue ribbons at the Kansas State Fair for my baking, most of those ribbons in the cakes class.  I even won Sweepstakes for my carrot cake in 2012, which means it was judged not only the best carrot cake, but the best of all the cakes submitted for judging last year.  And before you ask, yes I do offer carrot cake cupcakes!  You’re welcome. 😀

I now have a reputation among friends and family for my cupcakes and I have been asked so often if I sell them that I finally decided to go for it.  I bake every batch with quality ingredients and with love, and I guarantee that once you taste my cupcakes, you will never be satisfied with store-bought cupcakes again!

Valentine's Baby Shower "White Cloud" Cupcakes

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